Virtual Presentation

Welcome to the AV Plus virtual presentation service, we look forward to working with you to make your remote presentation look and sound great.

Please review our virtual presenter instructions below for essential hints and tips on how to make your presentation great. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to get in contact with us here.


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Remote Presenter Instructions

Here are some important things to consider when preparing to present remotely. This helps us ensure the presentation is smooth for you and your audience.


Using the right Internet Browser:

Our service should work on most modern browsers. If you have Google Chrome installed we reccomend using it. Please keep in mind Internet Explorer will NOT work.

Internet Connection

A fast internet connection is a crucial part requred to make the presentation work well. We reccomend doing a speed test at on the connection you are planning to use for your presentation.

  • Where possible plug a cable into your internet router rather than using WiFi.
  • If this is not possible ensure you are somewhere with a good WiFi signal.
  • If no fixed internet is available it is possible to use your phone internet, but keep in mind that video calls can use a lot of data.

Video Quality


Audio Quality


What to do if there is a techical problem