Live Video Streaming

We can help get your message out to your audience via live video streaming.  AV Plus have experience providing a variety of live streaming services around Australia and the world. From a single camera budget live stream up to more complex multi camera live streams. 

  • Integrate messages and adverts from your sponsors/ partners
  • Stream to multiple locations at one time (YouTube, Facebook etc)
  • Control access to live streams so just your intended audience has access
  • Monetize your live stream and sell access to your audience

We can help find a location to have your video live streamed from.

Video Production

AV Plus can provide a variety of traditional video production services including:

  • Corporate promotional videos
  • Social media videos
  • Pre-recording speakers / presentations

We can help with scripting / concept right through to editing and publishing. This is a great way to stay in touch with your audience when it is not possible to meet.

Video Conferencing / Online Meetings

If your team is not able to meet in person, we can help with the setup and managing of online meetings and or video conferencing. We have a wide variety of solutions we can provide and are happy to discuss with you what will work best for your team.

We can provide temporary solutions or more permanent solutions.

Solution Focused Advice and Consulting

If you have another challenge you are facing that we may be able to assist with please get in contact. We have a wide variety of technical know how and experience that may be able to assist you.