How do you deliver a professional event experience to communicate your message when face to face events are restricted?

AV Plus Virtual Presentation Service

AV Plus have years of experience making live events and live event broadcasts work well.  We have used this experience to develop a turnkey Virtual Event service that will deliver your message and engage your audience in real time.

For event organizers, it is as easy as booking an event time with us that works for you and your presenters. Then introduce us to your presenters and send us your branding images.

For presenters, it is as easy as making a video call into our production hub and sending us your presentation. The only requirement is a good internet connection, a quiet place to present from and your laptop.  Prior to each event we will get in contact with each presenter to test your connection to ensure everything will work smoothly during the event.

Turn Key Solution

The Virtual Event is produced and managed entirely remotely so there is no need for anyone in your team to leave their home.

AV Plus will provide an experienced technician to manage the event, they will switch between participants, integrate presentation slides, overlay branding, just like we would in a normal event situation.

Depending on your target audience we can stream to a private link that is only for your invited guests, embed the stream in your website or send the stream to several public platforms (YouTube, Facebook etc.)

If you are not sure where your stream should be published, we can assist you in choosing the right platform.

Create live engagement

All Virtual Events packages include video on demand (VOD) so your event is available afterwards for as long as you like. All events are recorded and we can provide post production services if required.

 Each event includes the ability for your guests to ask questions and interact with each other in an online chat. More advanced interaction including audience polls, question and chat moderation are available if required.

For more information on how we can assist with your event, please contact us.